The most idiotic way to spend Rs.450 million.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Couple of days back, Karnataka Minister and Mining czar Janardhan Reddy donated a diamond studded gold crown to Thirumala Thirupathi. Crown is estimated to be worth Rs.450 Million The news was all over the media. After reading the article, I strongly felt, this is the most insane thing any educated idiot can do with the excess money he has, especially when I saw the banner ad which was appearing on this article on The ad was talking about a school going dream of underprivileged girl. Not sure how this Rs.450 million worth crown will change the life of Thirumala, but this money for sure would have changed the lives of atleast 10,000 underprivileged kids in the country by sponsoring their education.

On the other note, I am still amazed with the strange co-incident of World Vsion's banner ad appearing on the article . I am sure this co-incident was ‘created’ by Thirumala himself to educate these pappu politicians on the much larger issues in the country which needs to be addressed. .