When friendship precedes love….

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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After a long gap, ‘Eskimo in the Dessert’ is in a bulshitting mood on friendship/ relationship.

Scenario 1
They were good friends for over 3 years, since their college days. There was hardly anything which they weren’t aware of each others lives. They were too attached to each other but none of them thought about marriage. Offlate he had a kind of fear of loosing her as she was getting lot of marriage alliances, she too was very enthu about meeting Mr. Right of her life. He couldn’t wait anymore, one fine day he proposed to her assuming she would accept it. It was too unexpected for him when she said ‘enough is enough’, we can’t be friends anymore as you have such a cheap thought about our relationship. There 3 year old friendship was ‘sacked’ without any notice period served!

Scenario 2
He proposed to her after being friends for few years, she never expected, neither she panicked, she brought some time from him to tell her consent . Few days later she made him realize why she can’t accept his proposal with valid reasons and also conveyed to him how they can still be good friends for life inspite of having such a thought in his mind. Since things were conveyed to him in a right and a practical way, it made him easy to remove any such feelings about her from his mind. Being a ‘good friend’ he helped her find her dream boy. Their friendship ruled even after their marriage.

Is it a universal law that people of opposite sex can’t be just good friends for life? Answer is both Yes and No. Like in love, here too most of them are too possessive about their friend. They feel jealous when either of them starts seeing somebody else. Like In most of the cases when they dream about their life partner, they always tend to compare them with their best friend and most of the time they are scared whether their Mr. /Ms Right will be as good as their ‘friend’. Though they always benchmark their dream partners with their so called good friends, though they understand each other so well, love never blossoms among them. Even though it does in some cases, its one sided.

Feelings apart, when one proposes, its moral responsibility of the other to take decision based on his/her priorities in life than letting emotions take over their decisions. Most of the time such proposals are accepted thinking the other person will feel hurt if I say no. One can never take their relationship to the next level when decisions are made based on their emotions. Even though your answer is no, you can still be a good friends for rest of the life, It’s all about conveying your decisions in a right manner. After all marriage is not the only solution to save the long lasting friendship…

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