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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Finally the year 2007 has ceased to exist. It was an absolute exasperating experience, a journey which took off with a backpack full of ill luck, betrayals, and hurdles ended up in a true bollywood istyle by giving a ray of hope for a bright 2008. It was the most challenging year in my entire life having had to face the unexpected and the toughest situations throughout, both personally and professionally. Promotion came in with a little hike sans additional responsibility; my integrity was questioned for the first time, had to spend the last quarter of the year with almost no work, got to witness and be part of the funniest corporate dramas especially during the last few months of the year. Personal life experience thought me loads of lessons and take-aways for life. I got to see the highest magnitude of change in some people in the close circuit. Few incidents made me realize, even if you know some people for ages, you may not get to know the true colors, be it good or bad.
Post 2007, I have decided not to stay committed to my long time resolution of not making any resolutions for the New Year. Based on the learning’s from the year past, have decided to go ahead with some resolutions for the years to come and keep hopes high to abide by them. Have listed the resolutions below, if any of you find me breaking the same, you have every right to break my knuckles and my knee caps.

> No social service (for socially upper class people J ).
> Change, change and change. (Change is the only constant.)
> Accept life in all hues and fragrances. (Without cribbing).
> Believe in savings. (It’s too tough to honor this resolution).
> Cut down spends on shopping and partying.
Thanks to thosel social networking sites around, one good thing happened in 2007 was being able to track down most of my “Chaddi dosths” from school.

Here is wishing you all a rocking year ahead!

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