AUTORATURE - A vanishing art!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Love them or loathe them, but you just cant ignore them.Nope, I am not talking about the Himesh Reshamiyas of the world, but a tiny yet ferocious automobile called Autorikshaws.Which are also popularly known as Rick,Auto,Rickshaw,Tuk Tuk, etc in different parts of the subcontinent.
Auto drivers are peculiar and typical in nature depending upon the various locations they reside in India. An auto driver in Bangalore might just ignore you in the mornings as he might be busy reading Kannada dailies like Prajavani or Vijaya Karnataka or even Times of India in some cases, nevertheless Bangalore is the only place in India where you can find English speaking autowallas. An auto driver in Chennai ensures that he’ll atleast show some parts of Chennai before dropping you to your destination which apparently is just one road away from the place you had taken the rick (If you are new to Chennai). It’s a different story altogether with Bombay autowallahs, they are the most honest and customer friendly auto drivers I have come across amongst their counterparts in other cities.

Auto drivers are often portrayed negatively in most of the South Indian movies. Few exceptions I have come across are Rajanikanth’s Bhashaa in Tamil and Auto Raja starring Shankar Nag in Kannada. No wonder why we see Rajani’s photos in the auto stands of Tamilnadu and Shankar Nag’s in Karnataka. Auto rickshaws have found their fortunes in Hollywood too; there is a chasing scene in James Bond movie Octopussy in which Bond and a fellow M16 agent Vijay Amritraj elude villains while they are in an auto.

It will be incomplete if I don't mention the creativity of auto drivers, especially when my objective of writing this post is to emphasise and compile some of the interesting slogans on the auto rickshaws around.Since my childhood days, I have been enchanted by the ‘creative’, ‘emotional’, ‘funny’, ‘meaningless’ writings on the back of rickshaws on the Indian subcontinent. Thanks to those creative auto drivers. This unique art can be called as “AUTORATURE” (Auto+Literature), off course, term coined by me!
I feel this wonderful art work is ceasing to exist in some parts of the country. You can blame it either on authorities for restricting auto drivers from writing anything on the canopy or blame it on the greedy marketers like me who are trying to covert every bit of visible property as an advertising space in the name of ambient media.

I have compiled some of the slogans/writings I have found on the Autorickshaws in Bangalore and have also tried to give a rough translation of the same as most of them are in Kannada. I have also put in my comments in red.

  • The new Indian.(What’s your status? Old Indian or New Indian).
  • Preethiyannu konda kolegaathi - Murderess who killed Love (Poor Devdas :( ).
  • God is doing but somewhat wait(Hey Shakespeare, can you can you come alive and explain this to us?).
  • Dhoom 4 – (Ahead of yashRaj movies.But where is Dhoom 3??).
  • Love is a sweet poison – (Thank god I am not diabetic).
  • Trust a snake but not a woman – (Can we trust female snakes?).
  • Don’t vary be happi – (Hey techies around, can you invent auto spell check in PAINT BRUSH too?).
  • Duniya duddina mele preethi bhoomi mele - World rests on money yet love stays on earth.
  • Thandeya nenapu, thaayiya aashirvaada – Dad’s memory, mother’s blessings.
  • Small family, happy family – (how many small families do you have??Be specific).
  • Don't pollute the air - (only autorckshaws are entitled to do so).
  • Nagu yellarigagi, hrudaya obbaligagi - Smile for everyone, heart for only one (I believe he is yet to find his first love).
  • Nothing can change my love for you - (Are you sure?).
  • Mandyada gooli - The bull from Mandya (Beware..It can attack on any color)
  • Manja SSLC, Mahesha P.U.C - (Ooops...higly educated family!)
  • Masthigu kusthigu ready - Ready for both fun and fight (Local Munnabhai??)

I do try to add some more slogans as and when I get to see the new ones, also pls contribute if you come across anything interesting. (pradeepjayraj[at]

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Aadu muttada soppilla, Auto nuggada galli illa

manjunath said...
Friday, November 30, 2007  

mutthu koduvalu bandaaga thuthu kottavalannu mareyabeda

manjunath said...
Friday, November 30, 2007  

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