"Too Sulabh Shouchaalay"

Saturday, September 1, 2007

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We have heard, seen, read about those innovative public toilets in Switzerland; that has an enclosure made of one-way glass, so that no one can see you doing your business but you could see them while you’re inside.

How about this one? I found this very innovative and cost effective open toilet on the busy Infantry road in Bangalore. The walls are neither made out of glass, bricks nor wood, but have no walls at all. I was shocked to see this rare scene just outside my office building on 30th of August 2007.The budding photographer in me couldn't stop taking picture of this rare incident....lemme explain in detail. A commode was placed on an uncovered manhole on the busy Infantry road. This definitely reflects the soiled infrastructure of the city. If this is the situation on the road which houses Police commissioner's office, Income taxes office and couple of media houses, it’s our foolishness to ask for a better infrastructure in the remote areas of the city which cries to death when it rains.

Coming back to the commode saga, I was wondering whether it’s a unique way of protesting against the open manholes, huge pits on the roads or was it just one of those broken useless stuff threw on the road by the sanitary shops in the area.

A day’s life of this commode came to an end when a speeding BMTC bus rammed it to pieces on the 31st of Aug, 2007. Hey Mr. Commode, may your soul rest in peace in the toilets of Switzerland!

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